Frequently Asked Questiones

Is my order fully secured?

Yes. To complete your order online we use FastSpring E-Commerce. It uses industry-standard encryption to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

Once you have completed your order you will receive a download link for a full version of the product and e-mail instructions.

Do you offer customer support?

Of course. In case of any questions please be free to contact us at

Which version of C++ Builder do I need to have?

Examples are originally written for C++ Builder 2010 but you should not have any problems running it inside any Unicode C++ Builder version. In non-unicode versions (2007 and less) there may be some errors regarding char* to wchar_t* conversions. For example:

// Unicode version
Application->MessageBoxA(L"Test MessageBox", L"Test", 0);

// Non-Unicode version
Application->MessageBoxA("Test MessageBox", "Test", 0);

So, in any case differences are really small and you should not have any problems to convert source code to work in older C++ Builder versions.

Do you write applications or examples on demand?

Yes. If you need custom application or additional examples you can contact us at